Taxis & Ride Share Drop Off Location


There is a taxi drop off and pick up location across Barton Springs Road from the main entrance to the Trail of Lights, next to the Zilker Playground. Cabs are unable to drop off closer to the entrance due to street closures. There will not always be a queue of taxis to pick up Trail guests, so we recommend calling a cab once you reach the end of the Trail and return to the taxi drop-off zone near Zilker Playground.


The ride share drop off will be located by Austin High School. Attendees will need to take the pedestrian bridge under MOPAC to Stratford Drive and walk to the main entrance of the Trail of Lights. Ride share pick up will be at the same location. Drivers are aware of the street closures surrounding Zilker Park and will be instructed to use this designate drop off and pick up location.

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