The Trailblazer Program

A Truly unique Austin story

Trail of Lights iconic displays have told Austin’s story in a truly unique way and delighted visitors young and old, new and native Austinites for 50 years. This is your chance to keep the icons of Austin’s favorite holiday destination alive in the hearts of our community. Each year, these treasured displays need some tender loving care to keep them updated, up-to-date and looking their best to delight visitors. As a Trailblazer you can adopt a display to help us refurbish that display and provide for its continued presence on the Trail. Your sponsorship will maintain a display and support the Trail of Lights.

Scroll through the Trail of Lights displays below and become a champion for the future of the Trail by selecting one to sponsor today.

2016 Trailbalzers.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book2.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers3.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers4.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book5.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book6.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book - water wonderland7.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book8.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers9.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers10.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book11.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book12.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book - water wonderland13.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book14.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book15.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book16.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers17.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book18.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book19.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book20.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers21.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book22.jpg
2016 Trailblazer Book23.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers24.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers25.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers26.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers27.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers28.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers29.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers30.jpg
2016 Trailbalzers31.jpg

ZIlker Park

  • DECEMBER 10-23, 2016
  • 7:00 - 10:00pm
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