STARS at the Trail: Communities in Schools of Central Texas

Stars of the Trail: Communities In Schools of Central Texas

We’re showcasing our Stars of the Trail organizations in a holiday blog post series to help Austinites get to know the nonprofits that are dedicated to serving Austin’s most deserving citizens. Today, we’re featuring Communities In Schools of Central Texas.

About Communities In Schools of Central Texas

Children cannot learn at their potential when they are in crisis, or if they’re facing significant non-academic needs. Communities In Schools of Central Texas (CIS) brings resources and relationships to school campuses – surrounding students with a community of support, and empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. CIS builds a support system inside schools so that students can focus on achievement.

Resources and Relationships to Help Kids Succeed at School

What are three things you want the community to know about your organization?

By helping our most vulnerable students stay in school and succeed in life, we are building a stronger, healthier and more economically stable Central Texas community where every person is capable of reaching his or her greatest potential.

Communities In Schools is all in for kids! From immediate needs like food or clothing to more complex needs like counseling or emotional support, we do whatever it takes to help students succeed.

Communities In Schools of Central Texas serves 66 campuses in six school districts. The impact of our evidence-based approach is improved attendance, behavior, and grades for the students we work with.

How can the Austin community best support your organization?

  • Volunteer! We match volunteers who work with students as reading buddies, tutors, mentors, and success coaches on 66 campuses. For students, having a caring adult to spend time with is something to look forward to, a special incentive to make it to school, and a confidence-booster. Our volunteers are champions for student success, providing a listening ear, and supportive guidance. Find out more about our volunteer opportunities here.
  • Make a donation. Your support is valuable to help us continue supporting students at school. Find out more here.

Why CIS participates in the Trail of Lights/STARS program

The Trail of Lights STARS program provides an opportunity for students and families to enjoy holiday fun and participate in a unique Austin event that they might otherwise not be unable to attend. Communities In Schools has brought kids to the Trail of Lights since the STARS program started, and it’s always a special experience. As we approach Zilker Park each year with our students and families, and the kids see the excitement and the people and the lights, it is heartwarming to hear their excited voices as they begin to realize how cool Trail of Lights is going to be.

Many of these kids have never visited the park or seen any kind of holiday light display. The magic of that first view of the park for our students is really sweet and memorable. The ride home after the event is another highlight as the children discuss every awesome thing they saw and share their favorite moments from the evening. The Trail of Lights STARS program is a wonderful event, and we are excited to make it possible for our students and families to attend!

How can Austinites help Communities In Schools in 2018?

The students we work with are at the heart of everything we do. In 2018, we look forward to strengthening relationships and partnerships to bring critical resources into schools that support student success. You can help! Volunteer, support Communities In Schools during Amplify Austin, and get involved! Visit us online to learn more.