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Top 10 2017 Party Trends

Find something new for your Pinterest board! This week we're sharing the Top 10 Holiday Party Trends of 2017 you'll definitely want to pin.


10. Personalized Offerings

Here's where you can get creative. Stay on brand or just offer something fun. We've seen it all from faux tat artists, aura photography, messages and manicures to custom denim jackets and on-site t-shirt screen printing.


9. Take-Away Swag

Make the event last a bit longer, give 'em big kid party favors from ideas like local product freebies, tote bags or pouches with funny sayings or hand lettering, door prizes, mini succulents, Branded photos from the photo booth.


8. Local Fare

Support local businesses and please the foodies in your group with the best of your city's local eats & drinks. Pick fan favorites or newbies on the scene that your group has been dying to try.


7. Modern Cocktails

The ole standbys are great, but this is the time of year to get festive. Have the bar feature modern twists on classic cocktails for something a little different. But, please, always remember to drink responsibly. Hire a ride share from the several options available in Austin!


6. Virtual Reality

Welcome to the future! Embrace the digital age and integrate VR into your party. Tech companies, this is your opportunity to show off your innovations! See how Samsung created their setting in a prop sleigh, meant to transport guests on a festive ride. Check it out.

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5. Entertain Them!

Sure. Everyone will have a good time when the local eats and drinks are flowing. But what about adding some extra entertainment like hire a comedian and bring the comedy club to you, do a wine/beer tasting make 'em dance on a cool dance floor, host swing dancing lessons, hire a cigar roller or even a have visit from Santa!


4. Schedule Leisure Time

Don't forget to plan down time during your event. This is the opportunity for your group to get to know each other outside of the everyday. We like the idea of creating a well designed space for your guests to comfortably lounge and interact.

3. White Elephant

Always a classic. Pro tip put a budget cap on the gifts ($10 or $20) to keep it fair. You never know what you might find! ;)

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2. Unique Holiday Party Themes

We're in Austin, so the weirder the better, but here are some any group can get excited about:

  • The most overdone but appreciated party them of them all: The Ugly Sweater Party

  • Pantone color of the year: Greenery

  • Decade themes (Disco nights, 80's dance mix, Great Gatsby)

  • Holiday movie themes - playing movies on screen in the background (Our vote: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation)
  • Holiday costume contest (think onesies, holiday pajamas, mistletoe headbands and more)

  • Christmas Circus


1. Tech Integration!

So many different avenues to go with this trend. You've got snapchat filters, hashtags, live event stream, crowd mic karaoke, arcade games, etc. Because who has a party without statement balloons and photobooths or backdrops? Or utilize services like Waldo to let your guests find their party pics post-event. #memories

How Austin Parties for the Holidays

As we all are aware, Austin-based companies know how to party. From the Startup Crawl to everyone's annual holiday bash - there's always an excuse to celebrate with the team.

Take a local Austin tech company's 2016 celebration for example - glitz and glamour galore!


Or Squareroot's 70's Prom Theme:


And Keller Williams International, with their family friendly approach at the Trail of Lights:


The best part about the Trail of Lights is that we can accommodate any theme, entertainment option or activity. We have a wide variety of custom menu options (all local!), a picturesque venue in the heart of Austin's biggest (and best) holiday event and built in entertainment for all to enjoy. Whether you stick with all the Trail has to offer, or enhance with a visit from Santa, a dance floor, a band or more - we'll give you an experience you'll never forget!

Save your date. Tell us about your ideal holiday party, sit back and our team will make it happen!

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