Street-legal vehicles less than 27’ in length only. Vehicles between 20’ and 27’ require two tickets. Vehicle height cannot exceed 12.5’ tall.

Passenger vehicles only with a seat and seatbelt for each passenger – this means no box trucks, motorhomes, no riding in the bed of pickup trucks, no trailer rides or trailers, no bicycles, motorcycles, pedicabs, trailers, golf carts, horse and carriage, sleighs, reindeer, scooters, etc.

Open air vehicles such as convertibles and jeeps are acceptable as long as vehicles are street legal and all passengers haves seats and seatbelts.

Vehicle size limitations – vehicles longer than 27’ will not be permitted without special access. Inquire about a full size shuttle or school bus permit at info@austintrailoflights.org .

Bus passes (up to 55 passengers) can be requested by writing info@austintrailoflights.org. Bus passes start at $175. Buses must not exceed 50’ long and 12.5’ tall.