A standard vehicle admission ticket allows entry for one vehicle and up to 9 occupants for the dedicated date and time slot. All occupants must be fastened in a proper seat/seat belt (up to 9 total) and lap seating is discouraged for safety.

Oversized vehicles are those that hold 10 or more people (even if 10+ are not present in the vehicle), and/ or those that are between 20’ and 27’. Two (2) vehicle admission passes are required for each oversized vehicle with an occupancy of 10 or more and/ or are between 20’ and 27’ long.

Maximum vehicle length is 27’. Max vehicle height is 12.5’.

*Motorhomes, box trucks, trailers, semis are not permitted.

*School buses and shuttle buses require a special permit. Contact info@austintrailoflights.org to inquire about a bus permit.