Horns Up, Horns Down: The Holiday Edition

November 27, 2017

Article by: The Daily Texan

Horns Up: Christmas is Coming

It’s almost Christmas. Well, we’re the closest to Christmas that we’ve been all semester. It’s officially time to dust off the holiday decorations and stuff that sadness back down into the depths of your soul. Get ready for holiday shopping and peppermint hot chocolate because it’s officially appropriate for the season. And no more can your grumpus friends mock you for listening to Christmas music, so go ahead and break out the Mariah Carey (extra festive version, of course).

Horns Up: The Semester is Ending

Only two more weeks until you can go home and actually wear those sweaters that have been hanging in your closet, unused in the sweltering Texas November heat. Maybe you’ll actually get a cold holiday season or at least a few brisk days. Unless you live somewhere hotter than Austin, in which case — good luck. We’re sorry about all the climate change.

Horns Up: Roommates

In three weeks, you get a break from your wretched roommates. After they accuse you of stealing your own food, you get to take the greatest revenge of all on them: depriving them of your joyous, wonderful presence for an entire month.

Horns Down: Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is upon us. Something about the threat of cold weather causes college students to pair off in droves and collectively occupy the 24th St. Starbucks. Your fun winter break plans have probably undergone some revisions as your friends slowly pair off and leave you alone on Austin’s Trail of Lights where you leave yourself vulnerable to overeager husbands-to-be proposing via flash mobs. Yes, that happened. And it might just happen again.

Horns Down: Fall Cleaning

You didn’t clean out your fall paraphernalia before you went home for break, and you came home to a rotten mess. Literally — that pumpkin wasn’t going to last forever and you knew it. Ditto for the Friendsgiving leftovers. Time to deal with cleaning your disgusting apartment on top of all the homework we know you didn’t do over break. Tough love.

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