+ Entry Gate

ADA Entry Gate & Time: Guests with disabilities (plus up to 3 companions) will be permitted to enter the Trail as early as 6:00 pm on December 8-23 (CLOSED MONDAYS) to enjoy the Trail prior to general admission entry (GA ticket required Dec 10, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, and 23). However, should your party wish to enjoy the ZIP Fast Pass amenities such as access to the Zilker Lounge where you'll find cookies, cocoa, and comfortable seating, a separate ZIP Fast Pass ticket purchase is required. For the smallest crowds, we recommend coming on a week day during the week of 12/8.

The ADA entrance is located between Lou Neff Road and the Trail of Lights entrance on Barton Springs Road. This area allows extra space and paved terrain for entry. Look for the wheelchair signs above the entrance lanes or ask a volunteer to direct you to the appropriate area. Depending on the road closures and access, you may be able to temporarily stop at Lou Neff and Barton Springs to unload your guests before heading to the ADA Parking area.